Why Citec?

Advanced Engineering Design Tools and Facilities

Every CITEC product is designed and built using our unrivalled experience in Precision Air Conditioning / Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC), with extensive testing of components and complete systems. Every aspect is engineered to ensure maximum reliability, economy of operation and long working life, together with ease of installation and maintenance.

CITEC products are designed with sophisticated 3D CAD system with each design detail carefully considered. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis will be conducted to ensure the airflow inside the unit is optimized and free from any negative effects. And thus best performance and highest efficiency can be assured with our products.

Each CITEC product undergo extensive and stringent test for performance, reliability and safety verification in our state of arts Testing Laboratories in China. The testing facilities are built in accordance to ASHRAE Standard and China GB Standard and are accredited by national authorities as full compliance facilities. The well-equipped computerized facilities can conduct capacity test up to 160kW and airflow test up to 36000CMH. Thus with CITEC product, the performance and reliability are guaranteed.

Precision Air Conditioning / Computer Room Air conditioning (CRAC)

Citec International (SEA) Pte Ltd formerly known as Power Parameters (S) Pte Ltd was established with a Mission to Continuously Provide Innovative and Advanced Systems, Solutions and Support for All Mission Critical Facilities to Ensure Our Customer’s Total Satisfaction!

Product capacity ranges from 8 to 230Kw with either Air Cooled (DX) or Chilled Water models. The Direct Expansion models can be water cooled or air cooled versions. On top of that, a Dual coil systems comprising of Chilled Water and Direct Expansion are also available.


CITEC INTERNATIONAL was established in year 1996 and has become one of the market leader in designing and manufacturing of Precision Air Conditioning system. Every CITEC products are designed and built using the unrivalled experience with extensive testing of components and complete systems.

CITEC always emphasis on achieving the highest standards and incorporates stringent quality controls throughout its operations. To date, CITEC range of products include precision air conditioning unit, row cooling, ceiling mounted unit, fan wall, mini data center and group control monitoring system.

The G-Volution Series is engineered to run seamlessly in critical environments by delivering constants, efficient and intelligent cooling. With DC inverter compressor, EC fan and intelligent Genius 5+ Controller, which provides advanced control and support wide range of cooling control strategies for mission critical facilities including supply air control, containment system and auto-sequencing. This makes CITEC energy saving units pioneer in energy efficient solution.