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CITEC International

At CITEC, we are committed to deliver innovative products and services that meet your precision air conditioning needs. From design and manufacturing to product installation and support, we ensure that your facilities and equipment are always in safe hands. We deliver precision, efficiency and creativity that is unmatched and fitting to a myraid of clienteles. All CITEC products are designed and built using the unrivalled experience with extensive testing of components and complete systems.



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Innovation is at our core, we constantly strive to deliver design excellence.

CITEC products are engineered to achieve optimum reliability, efficiency and ease of installation. Products are designed using sophisticated 3D CAD system and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to ensure optimum air flow with maximum efficiency.

Our products undergo extensive and stringent tests following ASHRAE standards in top laboratory facilities accredited with Class A certification by national authorities.

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24 Years. 20 Countries.
We provide excellent product support and long term services to various industries across Asia Pacific.