Standard AC struggling to keep your server room cool? Frequent temperature fluctuations, hot spots, rising energy bills, or equipment failure could all be signs you need a precision air conditioning system.

What is Precision Air Conditioning?

Precision air conditioning systems are specialized solutions designed for environments like server rooms and data centers, where maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels is critical for the performance and longevity of sensitive IT equipment.

Benefits of Using Precision Air Conditioning Units

Improved energy efficiency

It uses advanced technologies to deliver efficient cooling, which can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to standard air conditioning systems.

Reduced risk of equipment failure

By maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level, it helps to prevent overheating and other environmental factors that can lead to equipment failure.

Extended equipment lifespan

Consistent temperature and humidity levels create a more stable environment for IT equipment, which can help to extend its lifespan.

Improved comfort levels

It can help to maintain a comfortable working environment for personnel working in the data center.

Applications of Precision Air Conditioning Units

Data Centers

These massive facilities house critical IT infrastructure and require precision cooling systems (including CRAC units) to maintain optimal temperature and humidity for sensitive servers and equipment.

Server rooms

temperature and humidity levels for critical IT equipment, maximizing performance and lifespan for network servers and storage systems.

Computer rooms

It also regulates the temperature and humidity in computer rooms, protecting various types of computers and workstations used for business operations.

Telecom rooms

These specialized rooms house telecommunication equipment and require precision air conditioning systems to ensure reliable operation and prevent overheating of sensitive components like routers, switches, and servers.

Different Types of Cooling Units 

Room Cooling Units

These units cool the entire room where the IT equipment is located. They are suitable for small to medium-sized data centers or server rooms.

Floor Standing Unit

A self-contained air conditioner that sits on the floor and cools the entire room.

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Ceiling Mounted Unit (CCMU)

A space-saving air conditioner that hangs from the ceiling and cools the entire room.

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Fan Array Cooling

A system of high-powered fans that directly cools hot spots in your data center.

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Direct Cooling Units

These units are installed directly next to or within the IT equipment racks. They provide more targeted cooling to the heat source, which can improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. They are suitable for large data centers with high heat densities.

In Row Cooling Systems

Compact cooling units mounted directly on server racks for the most localized cooling.

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In Rack Cooling Systems

Targeted air conditioners positioned within equipment rows for precise cooling.

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Integrated Data Centre Solutions

We offer integrated data centre solutions designed to optimize your entire IT infrastructure. Understanding that cooling is just one piece of the puzzle, our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your data centre’s operations are enhanced for peak performance, reliability, and efficiency.

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Ensure Maximum Uptime with Reliable Cooling

Prevent costly downtime and safeguard your critical IT infrastructure with our dependable precision cooling solutions.