Ceiling Mounted Units (CCMUs)

Ceiling Mounted Units (CCMUs), a type of precision cooling system, are a highly efficient and effective air conditioning solution specifically designed to provide targeted cooling to equipment racks in server rooms. Unlike traditional air conditioning units that consume a significant amount of energy to cool the entire room, CCMUs are mounted on the ceiling and are engineered to provide cooling directly to the equipment, resulting in significant energy savings. Our CCMUs are built with the latest technology and are designed to be highly configurable, ensuring that they can meet the specific cooling needs of any server room. Our CCMUs provide higher cooling capacity, improved control over temperature and humidity levels, and reduced operating costs, making them a competitive solution for any business.

Product Brochure


  • Slim and compact design to fit into ceiling space.
  • Factory fitted supply and return duct connection flange for on-site ease of installation.
  • Equipped with CITEC Genius 5+ controller with BMS interface. Variable speed EC fan for airflow modulation to adapt to thermal load requirements.
  • High accuracy Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) for Direct Expansion system.
  • The chilled water system comes with a 2-way modulating valve for chilled water flow control.
  • High-efficiency G4 MERV8 filter.

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