What Is An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, also known as UPS, is a device that provides short-term power when the main power fails or is interrupted. It is used in server rooms, datacentres and computer rooms to protect data incase of a power failure.

A UPS has a battery that turns on when the device senses a power loss from the main source. When there is a power loss detected, the Uninterruptible Power Supply System will send an alert to the user, in time for them to save their data before the secondary power source runs out.

Benefits Of UPS

  • Eliminates the chances of losing data. When there is a power cut or power failure, your may lose the data in the system.
  • Backup emergency power. Uninterruptible power supply for servers or data centre is a reliable alternative power source that you can still resume working and prevent outages to the equipment.
  • Prevent damages to equipments. UPS protects and intercepts any potential power surges that could damage sensitive electronic devices.


  • True On-line double Conversion Topology 
  • Advanced DSP Control Technology 
  • Rack / Tower Convertible 
  • 0.9 Output Power Factor 
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 
  • Active Harmonic Current Control 
  • LCD / LED Display 



  • Patent Backup Runtime Estimation
  • Multiple Operation Mode 
  • Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) 
  • Remote On Off Control (ROO) 
  • Optional Programmable Outlets 
  • Easy Firmware Flash Upgrade

MSII-Plus RT 6-10kVA

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MSII-Plus Tower 6-10kVA


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Ares Plus Tower 1-3 KVA


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Ares Plus RT and Battery Cabinet


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Kronos 10-40 KVA


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Enersine – Harmonic Active Filter


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BMS – Battery Monitoring System


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