In Row Cooling (CNR)

In row cooling is a type of precision air conditioning for server rooms and data centres that is developed specially for high heat density cooling application. They are designed to be located close to the heat source for effective heat removal. The units are available for both Direct Expansion and Chillled Water systems and can be an alternative or complement to CITEC room cooling units as complete cooling solution for high heat density data center.

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Benefits Of Our

In Row Cooling (CNR) Unit

Hot Spot Management

  • Provides extra cooling where needed
  • DC Inverter technology for Direct Expansion system
  • Airflow modulation to adapt to actual thermal load
  • Compatible with most racks
  • Unique coil arrangement to deliver maximum cooling performance within a compact footprint.


  • CITEC In-Row is suitable for 42U and 48U racks
  • Modular design; easy to upgrade as data center capacity grows
  • Compatible in modular arrangement with common racks available in the market.


  • Equipped with CITEC Genius 5+ controller with BMS interface.
  • Equipped with supply air temperature sensors for supply air control.
  • Attractive touch screen color display with temperature and humidity trend graph feature, including component operational status.
  • Variable speed EC fan for airflow modulation to adapt to thermal load requirements.
  • DC Inverter technology with variable capacity modulation between 30% to 100% to achieve precise control of temperature and humidity.
  • High accuracy Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) for Direct Expansion system.
  • The chilled water system comes with a two-way modulating valve for chilled water flow control.


Highly efficient EC fans reduce noise levels and energy consumption:

  • Further noise level reduction of 4-5 dB
  • Further absorbed power reduction by 15%

Chilled Water units with equal percentage characteristic modulating ball valve ensures excellent water flow control.

Direct Expansion units with DC inverter compressor and electric expansion valve for wider modulating range of capacity control.

CITEC’s in-house control algorithm prevents stratification of the air temperature inside the rack through the use of 4 sensors, contributing to ventilation efficiency.

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