Small To Medium Integrated Data Centre Solutions

In the next decade, we will see skyrocketing growth of new digital transformation technologies that will continuously transform and automate our everyday lives.

Implementation of 5G networks will continue to accelerate. Internet of Things (IoT) driven market such as Smart Cities and Smart Factories will expand at a breath-taking pace. Emergence of autonomous vehicles will require real-time communications with local processing resources to guarantee reliability and safety. Adoption of Virtual & augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to boom.

Before we can fully realize the potential of these technologies, we need to overcome latency of networks.

Latency is defined as delayed data transmission when data needs to travel over greater distances from the centralized cloud servers to the end user devices, going through several network switches and routers.

Edge Computing is the solution. Adoption of edge computing drives the demand for smaller scale, mini data centers. Edge data centers consists of all the key components of a traditional data center housed within a small footprint.

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mini data room in white colour


  • All-in-One Data Center configuration.
  • Fast deployment with “plug and play” concept.
  • Swift installation with modular construction concept and pre-assembled modules.
  • Customizable and suitable for low to medium dense application.
  • Cost-effective solution with high scalability for future expansion.
  • High flexibility suitable for non-data center or IT environment.
  • High efficiency cooling operation within containment system eliminates hot and cold air mixing.
  • Compatible with common racks in the market.
  • Built-in server room aircon (precision cooling unit).

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